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More information can be found in our article analyzing the credit-building timeline. You can learn more about the causes and consequences of bad credit by exploring all of the reasons credit scores drop.
})(“”, { YouTube What I did was went to my bank and applied for a secured credit card. My bank offered me a partially secured card. (I gave them $99.00 and they gave me a card with $500.00 limit.) Then about a month later I applied for 3 other cards and got approved for them. (If you do apply for other cards make sure they aren’t cards for people that have excellent credit or you will get denied and that will be another hit on your credit score.) Now I use all 4 of them every month to pay my regular bills, gas, and groceries.
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1) Interest Rates You are unemployed Check to see when they charge any fees and if the company offers a money-back guarantee Secured Credit Cards Credit Robert Neubecker
18.56% High Interest Rates Because you’re a subprime borrower, you’re not likely to qualify for the lowest interest rate offered. You’re more likely to be offered something closer to the 35.99% rate. This is a very high rate, and it’s important that you make all of your payments on time to avoid paying interest and damaging your credit score.
They also currently have a promotion for $20 off their signup fee not sure when it will expire. You might have to come up with a larger down payment. MagnifyMoney View Transcript

Just over half of the people surveyed needed credit for groceries, gas or other household necessities at least once in the last year.
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